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Paper seems to be a material that you gravitate to in many of your styling and installation works, can you explain what you enjoyed about working with UASHMAMA paper as a material for this installation?

The straight lines and clean form that paper can generate is what appeals to me the most. It can be whatever you want it to be and I think that's why I find it so interesting. Working with a different texture and a metallic component for this installation gave me yet another perspective on how paper can take on a whole new appearance.

The quality of UASHMAMA paper adds longevity to the final products you designed, is this something that influenced your thinking?

Though Uashmama is paper, it is the texture and the process in which it is created that makes it a completely different material. You can be rough with it which was really nice change for me, as usually with standard paper you have to be extremely careful you don't crease it. Every crease made in the Uashmama material adds more character.

Can you summarise your design philosophy in 3 words?

Not really – I'm not good at summarising. Lol! I don't think I have one set philosophy, I like to take risks and I believe in progression. Obviously I do have a thing for straight lines, form and shape but I also like to challenge my thinking.

Who inspires most you at the moment?

Creatives who are following there own path and sticking to it – just really going for it. Two Australians that really stand out for me at the moment are artist Esther Stewart and interior designer and creator of online design destination Yellowtrace, Dana Tomic Hughes. My best friend and amazing photographer Brooke Holm is a constant inspiration to me and helps me turn my at times ridiculous ideas to life.

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